Nitrogen Generators

The pressure swing adsorption process separates the nitrogen or oxygen molecules. The pure nitrogen (GEN2) or oxygen (GEO2) can now be used in a wide range of applications. Both series are available as Comfort and Premium version

Optionally we offer a consumption-based and energy-optimized supply of nitrogen in a purity of up to 6.0 / 1.0 ppm (residual oxygen) and quantities 0,5 – 10.000 Nm3/h. For some applications, we provide the nitrogen supply in membrane technology. Two series (0,14 Nm3/h – 12,3 Nm3/h with purities up to 99,5% and the industrial design with a capacity of 54 m3/h – 10.000 m3/h and purities up to 99%) complete the product range

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