Heatless / Oil-free

טיהור אויר דחוס למזון ואלקטרוניקה

System solutions for compressed air and gases – reliable and safe treatment

Adsorption dryers are used in environments where a specified pressure dew point from -20°C to -70°C has to be assured stably and securely. The ECOTROC® ATseries dryers are offered in three versions. As a compact aluminium series (ATK-APN) for volume flows up to 110m3/h, with welded vessels and new designed  pipe bridges for volume flows up to 1200 m3/h (ATKN) or  with flanged connections for volume flows up to 3050 m3/h∗ (ATK). Higher volume flows are available upon request. Common to both series is consistently high quality compressed air

*in reference to normal conditions- higher performance upon request

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