Adsorption Drying

לרפואי, למזון ואלקטרוניקה

System solutions for the stable drying of compressed air and compressed gases, for the implementation of safe and economical production processes all the way to breathing air

We have been developing, constructing and producing intelligent system solutions of premium quality for more than two decades in Willich, Germany, using high-value components for our adsorption dryer systems. It starts with the internal stainless steel piping that is standard, and is reflected in the high-performance ECOTROC® system

All of the vessels of the ECOTROC® AT series (welded version) are manufactured according to international standards, using the current state of the art processes. Special test certificates and approvals can be offered as an option. Some of the benefits for our clients are long and problem-free service-life-cycles, value for money acquisition and low energy and maintenance costs