When the highest precision and performance are required

KSI – compressed air installations provide optimal solutions for specific applications. The ECOTROC® ATW-V/VG series adsorption dryers distinguish themeselves through the highest process and construction-based performance level. It starts with particulary high-performance and long-life adsorbents, and is reflected, among other properties, in the constant and linear pressure dew points with no dew point peaks. ECOTROC® ATW-V/VG sets the standard by operating without any purging air loss, and by the regeneration temperature that is low due to vaccum utilization. This is combined with user-frendly and extensive control. The entire system features optimum efficiency and the highest compressed air and gas quality, with constant linear supply at the highest level. For that reason the KSI ECOTROC® ATW-V/VG high-end adsorption dryer series is used where standard installations reach their limits: For particularly sensitive production processes, such as semiconductor manufacture, data storage media production etc. KSI plant construction Made in Germany

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